What is our return policy?
Incredible Feets wants to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. We offer a full refund on any purchase with a receipt within any reasonable time-frame. The merchandise must be unworn and in the original box. This policy includes sale merchandise as well, a policy very rare in today’s retail landscape.

Feel free to shop for others with piece of mind, and return with ease if it does not work out for any reason.

How long do store credits last?
Our store credits do not expire. There is actual pending litigation against stores which do expire their store credits, since we believe it is really the customers right to keep it until used.

How long do Gift Cards last?
Our gift cards also do not expire for the same reason stated above. There are stores whose gift cards expire or they reduce their value over time with fines or penalties. We do not agree with their policies

Why do you ask for my phone number when I make a purchase?
We use your phone number as an ID number only in order to capture your sales history.  We will only call you if you give us permission to call and we do not do phone solicitation for business. We will occasionally call to see if all went well with your most recent visit. Tracking your sales and keeping these records for you often provide many benefits. We can look up styles you liked, sizes you bought for yourself and other family members, and determine when you last purchased sneakers to determine issues of wear.

Will my personal information be safe with Incredible Feets?
Incredible Feets captures your personal information for our use only. We will never give this information to any other business and our network is secure to protect others from stealing this information.

What is special about Incredible Feets sizing procedures?
Incredible Feets takes fitting shoes very seriously. We are not the type of store that asks your size and brings out boxes. We realize that some brands and models run differently and this requires our knowledge to get the correct fit. Please allow our staff to use their training to help you get the correct fit.

Why do some brands fit differently than others?
With shoes being made throughout the entire world and mainly in Asia, the fit is often different and mostly runs small. Some brands run small and often require a ½ to a full size extra to fit properly. A person will usually not be the same size in every brand, and often not even within the same brand in different styles.

How does Incredible Feets measure feet?
Incredible Feets uses Brannock Devices to measure your feet. These measuring tools were created years ago and typically represent a more traditional domestically produced sizing. Due to the fact that most brands run small and some run very small we typically move up ½ to 1 full size for adults and a minimum of 1 full size from where the toe ends for children. These measurements are a place to start and the shoes must then be fit properly. It is also important to note that feet can be larger at the end of the day than when you first wake up due to swelling.

What is the correct sneaker fit?
Some space in the front of your sneakers is not merely to provide for growing space. In children it is necessary to leave a decent amount of space for growth, typically an adult thumbnail, but adults need room as well. A shoe fits correctly when you have some space for your toes to move around slightly. If your toes are to the end of the shoe, you can damage your toenails and a tight fit can also have a detrimental effect on your blood circulation in your foot. This can often cause numbness or blisters, symptoms often associated to things other than fit, but often are easily remedied by a larger size or width.

Why does Incredible Feets double check my fit?
Since everyone can make mistakes, Incredible Feets double checks our salesperson’s fits to insure that your shoes have been fit correctly.

How do I adjust between childrens, mens and womens sizes?
It is always tricky to adjust for a sneaker made for a different gender since different companies adjust differently themselves. To try to simplify:

Children’s sneakers begin at infant size 0 and run straight up to size 13 ½ before changing back to what would be a very small men’s size 1. Most children’s sneakers are made up to a size 6 or 7. This children’s size 6 or 7 is the SAME size as a Men’s 6 or 7. Men’s sizes continue from there up.

The tricky part is changing over to women’s sizes. Women’s sizing uses a completely different scale which runs alongside the children’s/men’s scale starting at around children’s size 3½ or 4. This is where the women’s size 5 begins. The rule of thumb is to adjust the size by 1 ½ sizes up for women’s but lately we feel it has been closer to 1 full size. People often fail to realize just how small a women’s size 5 is.

Basic conversion chart

CHILD 4 5 6 7
MENS 6 7 8 9 10
WOMENS 5-5.5 6-6.5 7-7.5 8-8.5 9-9.5 10-10.5 11-11.5


Why are some shoes more expensive than others?
As with any industry there are two main reasons that some shoes are more expensive than others. Some sneakers include more technology as is the case with running shoes. As you pay more for a sneaker you typically get more cushioning and support. That being said a more expensive shoe is not always the right shoe for your foot. Certain types of support are better for certain types of feet.

The other reason that a shoe would be more expensive usually applies to basketball sneakers where player endorsements and advertising costs associated with the shoe can really drive the cost up.

How long should my sneakers last?
Most of the time you can visually see when you need new sneakers due to a worn outsole or torn inside. This can occur in very active children within 2 months but usually takes much longer in adults. Many people can “feel” when they need new sneakers due to soreness in the shins, knees, or lower back. The visual wear is less obvious at times, due to the common use of treadmills which will not wear down the outsoles as quickly. The cushioning is breaking down at a similar pace to outdoor use though and shoes must be replaced often enough to prevent injury.

Running shoes should typically not be used beyond 400-600 miles of running. Please remember that running shoes can lose cushioning even when they are not being used for months. The materials they are constructed with can shrink and compact.

What is pronation?
Pronation is the natural, inward roll of the foot. Pronation begins when the heel contacts the ground, the foot then rolls inward to absorb shock and transfer weight to the ball of the foot as it prepares to push off. It is the natural and necessary motion for running and walking. There are three types of pronators:

Overpronators – The excessive inward roll of the foot. A flat foot absorbs a lot of shock. It is very flexible and needs support. Motion Control shoes are best for overpronators.

Neutral Pronator – Most common. The foot pronates naturally. Mild pronators disperse shock effectively. A medium arch absorbs shock moderately. Stability shoes work best for the neutral pronator.

Underpronators (Supinator) – The lack of insufficient inward motion of the foot. A high arch absorbs less shock. Cushioning shoes that are highly flexible are best for the underpronator. Only a small percentage of people are Supinators.

Please ask our sales help to try to determine what type of foot you have.

How often do we get new shipments?
We typically receive new merchandise and new styles every month but certain times of the year are more active than others with new introductions. February and March are very big months as new spring styles begin to come in almost daily. Most companies have 2-4 shipping seasons per year where they update their line. These seasons are typically:

Early Spring (January through March)
Late Spring/Camp (April through June)
Back to School (July through September)
Fall/Holiday (October through December)

Nike release new styles almost every month where as companies like New Balance and Asics update less frequently, maybe 2 or 3 times yearly.

Why are we out of certain New/Hot styles or sizes sometimes?
We try very hard to stock ourselves with depth but most companies want product to ship into the retailer, and sell out quickly, in time for new styles to arrive. We usually cannot replenish these styles especially with fashion companies like Nike and Adidas. We get these styles in and sell them out, and have to wait for the next shipment, sometimes weeks or months away. Certain companies are “in stock” companies and we can often replenish their styles. These companies include brands such as Merrell, New Balance, and Asics.

What are allocated or limited distribution styles?
Nike began the concept of allocating certain styles years ago, but other companies do it as well. This is when a manufacturer will only produce and distribute a certain quantity of a given style. This is done to increase hype and demand and to better manage production issues. They either cannot or will not make more for one of the above reasons. This is the typical distribution pattern for featured products like Air Jordan Retro models, Air Force, Air Max, and many NBA player endorsed styles from all brands. An initial small release of allocation is usually followed by a more widespread distribution within the next 4-6 months.

Another recent trend has been the selective distribution of certain styles and color ways to only limited retailers. This is done to diversify the market so all stores do not have the same product. We are usually included in most selective releases but unfortunately we sometimes are not, regardless of how hard we try to secure these models. We fight hard to get all of the popular styles that our customers want, ant typically if we do not have a key style it does not mean that we did not attempt to buy it. It also does not mean that we will not have it the next season. These distribution strategies change constantly.

When do we run our biggest sales of the year?
We typically have sale merchandise in the stores for most of the year and often buy shoes to sell at promotional pricing year round, but our biggest sales of the year are usually January, October, and July. These are the months where seasons change and we have to sell out the older merchandise to make room for new styles and seasonal items. To keep better updated on our sales and promotional periods, please be sure to sign up for our Incredible Feets E Mail newsletter (see home page). We will use this channel to give our regular customers a head start on these sales.

When do we send out coupons?
We typically send out coupons prior to each selling season. We are currently running our coupons periodically in Community Book and Val-Pak along with certain local weekly publications. We also e-mail digital coupons from time to time, which can be used for a limited period of time off of your mobile device.

How do I sign up to receive special promotions and “Stay In The Loop”?
Text “FEETS” to 22828, you will then be prompted to put in your e-mail address to receive our e-mail blasts with special promotions and upcoming sales, new merchandise arrivals, and digital coupons. You can also sign up via e-mail here.

By signing up you will receive this information directly and in a timely manner. We will be using this tool judiciously and will not be abusing it with tons of junk mail or releasing this information to any other businesses as we value your privacy. You can also find this information on social media bv following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to sign up online or in our stores.

Donate Shoes / Neighbor In Need Program
Please see our program details here

Please feel free to email or to call our stores with any other questions.